Dust Extractor

Dust extractor machine is used for collecting loose powder or dust from the polishing chamber

Dust extractor unit is used to control the flying dust that is automatically generated during the compression of tablets, tablet de-dusting, granulation and other processes. It is also used for various stages of cleaning operations when coupled with tabletting machine and automatic capsule filling machine.


Provided with stainless steel S.S 304 contact part.

Blower fan is dynamically balanced

Machine in fitted with the castor wheels for easy mobility.

Overcomes dust hazards as well as cross contamination at tablet compression

Minimizes mechanical strain, excessive wear of tableting machine – resulting in minimum machine breakdowns and punch wears.

All inlet manifolds and dust collection trays are of S.S. 304

Model DEX
Filteration Area 9 Sq. Ft
Dust Storage Capacity 3/4.Cu.Ft
Suction Capacity 150 (C.F.M)
Size 29’ x 19’ x 32’
Case Dimenions 36’ x 30’ x 43’ (H)
Gross Weight 145 kg
Net Weight 80 kg