Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Drying Machine is capable of drying materials in any forms be it, granular, powder, coarse or crystalline form or similar material in pharmaceuticals. It is used for drying of the granules in the production of the tablets. It is used for the operation such as mixing, granulation and drying. It is also used for coating of granules.


Compliance with regulations of cGMP, GMP, FDA

Mixing, granulation and drying are in one machine: Save space and time

It is stable in operation and convenient in maintenance, low noise

Better productivity and lesser drying time with less handling

The bag filter movement is designed by an auto pneumatic operation

The inlet air is filtered by a final filter to secure the Cleanliness of the inlet air

SS Product container with trolley & tilting arrangement

The contact parts of the dryer are made of SS-304/316 stainless steel

Description FB-30 FB-60 FB-120 FB-200 FB-250
Capacity of Dryer in Kgs (@ 0.6Kg/Lt) 30-50 50-70 120-150 200-220 250-270
Working capacity in Ltrs 50 100 200 335 420
Total Volume in Ltrs 100 200 400 580 760
Blower Motor H.P 5 H.P 10 H.P 15 H.P 20 H.P 20 H.P
Heating Capacity in Kcl/Hr 11610 23220 38700 77400 96750
Over All Dimensions (Approx)
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Length 1500 1500 2460 2475 2675
Width 900 1175 1375 2000 1875
Height with Motor 2100 2550 2850 3375 3475