Friability Tester

Tablet friability test apparatus are used for determination of durability of tablets at the time of production.

The apparatus is designed to provide the precise value of rate of abrasion and impact hardness of the tablets. Tablet friability test apparatus is supplied with two acrylic drums for quick and reliable testing.

Tablets will lose some weight during the process of coating, transportation, packaging, etc. The FAB-2 Friability Tester is an Automated Tester to test the mechanical strength of the tablets, performed following the individual monographs of the Pharmacopoeia. When the test is finished, the samples are weighed again and the actual weight difference of the tablets before and after the test is determined to be friability. It is usually less than 1%. The FAB-2 is designed to be used with one or two drums, & both friability & abrasion drums can be used with it. The speed of the rotation is fixed at 25 RPM as per the current USP requirement. In use the lab technician loads the tablets into the drums and places it on the drive shaft. The technician can select the test time or numbers of rotation using the keypad. All the data will be clearly indicated on the LED display, and will automatically count down through the test. THE FAB-2 is made of high quality metal with an acid resistant finish.


Advance Microprocessor based with user friendly software in dialog mode.

Microprocessor technology for time & temperature control.

Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) for date, time display & authenticity of printout.

Meets all USP, BP ,IP,EP Requirement and specifications.

Error indication to trace out the problem.

Easy to use input keypad * Audible end of run signal.

Modular design for 1 to 3 simultaneous tests.

Rugged construction for years of dependable performance.

Single in-line layout for ease of viewing all baskets assemblies.

Provision to connect dot matrix printer and digital weighing balance.

Model FAB-2
No. of drums 2
Drum rotation 25 ± 1 rpm
Accuracy ± 1 revolution
Resolution 1 revolution
Range 0-999 revolutions
Operating Temp. Range
10 ° C to 50 o C
Power 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz