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The design, installation, commissioning and qualification of clean rooms Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems is often one of the largest considerations in the design of a new pharmaceutical or biotechnology manufacturing facility.

A clean room usually denotes a controlled environment or surrounding that has a reasonably low pollution level. This implies that the percentage of dust, aerosol particles, chemical vapors and airborne microbes is negligible in such a room. This is imperative because otherwise the manufacturing process can be adversely affected by small particles. This, in turn, can have serious repercussions and that is definitely not desirable.

With high running costs (energy associated with the movement, cooling and heating of air) and the potential to impact upon safety and product quality, getting them right is important for business, safety and good manufacturing practice (GMP) criticality.

Prerequisites for correctly designing such an HVAC system are integration with a client representative who is familiar with the client's process requirements, and regular checks against regulatory requirements.

Our consultation services are top-notch and we provide valuable advice on how to give shape to a perfect cleanroom.

Two prominent features of our consultancy services to maintain QUALITY include:

  • Reviewing plan documents extensively, detecting errors in them and advising on how to rectify them so that there are no complications when you actually perform the construction.
  • Providing a detailed suggestion about the ideal temperature of the rooms along with their heating and cooling requirements and specifications.

We have the required experience and expertise to suggest the right HVAC set-up for your building so that you can run your business smoothly and effectively.

With our consultancy services, you can design a clean-room that scores on all counts. Our cleanroom consultants have years of experience and are experts at providing practical, effective and convenient solutions for our clients. They evaluate a building or premise thoroughly noting down each and every aspect that has a role to play in HVAC design. Accordingly, they recommend short, medium and long-term design ideas and improvements.

The design of the HVAC system will be based upon the clean room suite that it serves, and will be affected by factors such as the number of rooms served, the layout of the rooms, the equipment within the rooms and, most critically from a qualification perspective, the environmental conditions that the rooms must achieve.